Flatfoot Dance Company



FLATFOOT has been running, since its inception, a very successful dance performance training programme (FLATFOOT Training Company) that has now also been running for twelve years. The training programme is aimed at any young dance practitioner (over 16yrs) who wish to train in a professional environment. We audition every year (on a semesterly basis) and take roughly 30 new trainees per semester. 

Our success in this training programme has been measured by many of the young trainees either taking up positions in the main company or going on to find employment in the dance arena (performance and administration) in both South Africa and abroad. 

FLATFOOT has had 360 trainees pass through its training programme over the past twelve years. This training programme is seen as part of the core work of the FLATFOOT DANCE COMPANY. The trainee programme for FLATFOOT is not full-time training as many of the participants are studying or have part time jobs. The training takes the form of two to four sessions per week and is offered free of charge to all who are selected (via an audition process). 

Lliane Loots, the Artistic Director of FLATFOOT) acts as the core facilitator and teacher for this programme but often the company members are asked to choreograph and make performance work for the dancers. This has proved to be a very inspiring process.

What follows are a few images from The Summoning This full-length work was choreographed by Lliane Loots for the young trainees and was performed in October 2015 at the Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre (Durban).