Flatfoot Dance Company




FLATFOOT DANCE COMPANY has existed as a professional dance company since January 2003 in the province of KwaZulu-Natal. 

Our mission is three fold:

1.  To offer a professional dance theatre company (FLATFOOT DANCE COMPANY) that creates contemporary dance work that engages with the context (both indigenous and modern) in which we live. We are a contemporary dance company that aims at making entertaining but socially aware dance theatre work. As a dance company based in KwaZulu Natal, we accesses all the rich dance languages available in this province in an attempt to begin creating new dance work that speaks to our own context as emerging South Africans. FLATFOOT DANCE COMPANY is committed to artistic innovation and the creation of dance theatre work that is relevant to the South African (and African) context. The 13 years sustained life of FLATFOOT is also a sustained commitment to offering real and significant employment to professional South African artists.

2.  To offer young adult training programmes

(a) FLATFOOT Training Company and,

(b) FLATFOOT ADD ProgrammeAdvanced Dance Development which aims to offer technique and performance dance skills to young KZN based dancers (16yrs and up). The youth training programme auditions for up to 30 dancers each year and classes are held in the late afternoons and early evening to allow for participants in the programme to continue to school, study or do part-time work. The FLATFOOT ADD programme (which began in 2013) offers additional weekly classes to 15 specially selected youth from our urban township programmes who are excelling in their dance training and offer them more guided career pathing as dancers. FLATFOOT DANCE COMPANY is committed to both job creation in the dance/arts sector, and also growth and development in the arts in KZN and South Africa.

3.  To offer quality dance education and dance development programmes in our province which;

(a)  offers teacher training dance and choreography workshops in KZN,

(b)  offers schools dance, choreography and dance (Arts and Culture learning area) syllabus related workshops for learners in both primary and high schools in KZN

(c)  offers youth dance development programmes in Durban’s surrounding areas, which uses dance (and arts education) as intervention methodology for life skills learning (with a specific emphasis on gender and health (HIV/AIDS) education and rights for the girl and boy child),

(d)  offers dance development programmes in the rural areas of KZN which uses dance (and arts education) as intervention methodology for life skills learning (with a specific emphasis on gender, HIV and AIDS education and intervention, and environmental education).

FLATFOOT DANCE COMPANY is deeply committed (and have been over its 13 year professional life) to making sure that dance and arts education is available to ALL regardless of rural or urban living, and understand the need to redress the lack of cultural/arts education in particularly rural and poor communities where schools often do not offer arts and culture programmes.